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Jan 19, 2013 6:30pm PST
you want your app in front of millions of drivers. for example, oakland's own pandora. >> huge partner with pandora. pandora, application showed the world what could happen. start listening to the music on your phone. enter to the vehicle, turn the vehicle on, transition control change to the head unit on the car and now you control the app. not just the phone but the app. i can turn it on, i can turn it off. i can like my music. i can change the station. i can find a different genre. >> it's like turning the car into an app store or platform like facebook. a place where people who know technology can reach you by partnering with people who know how to make cars. >> we talked about software. we talked about the power of software and what it can do. for us, we don't know that we have all the answers. what we wanted to do was tap into the innovation happening at silicon valley and around the world, austin, beijing, london. we put in place a program to be self-servicing. we're giving out keys to the car literally to go and figure out what the innovation is. >> innovation that will
Jan 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
: everyone should know who the coordinator is at oakland unified. it's posted online and at school. but of the 26 principals we e-mailed, only one knew the answer. >> yes, that's definitely concerning that more principals weren't aware who the title ix coordinator is. obviously this points to a need about training and education in this area. >> reporter: as for san francisco -- it hasn't been brought to us as a concern by a parent or student, so if it is, we'll absolutely look into it. >> reporter: if a parent was to bring it to you, then it would be in. >> we have shared all about your rights and responsibilities. >> reporter: and after talking with us for just ten minutes -- >> all right. well, thank you very much. >> reporter: so that's it? no more questions? >> that's it. thank you. >> reporter: she walked out. >> we definitely need more education, more insight to make sure that title ix is being followed. >> and we found this telling. we sent more than 200 e-mails to bay area schools. a few did pass the test and identify the title ix coordinator, but the majority either did not res
Jan 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
oakland. >> i've never been to an office or anything. so that was a big experience. >> to could just why this catholic -- to understand just why this catholic school is the way it is, you have to understand where it was. started 120 years ago by mother maria piabachus to serve the neediest students, tuition at ica had climbed to $10,000 a year. the neediest couldn't afford the cost. and ica couldn't afford that. >> there was no money. the families we were serving could not afford that tuition. we wouldn't have been able to keep it going. the school probably would close. >> this is where the cristo ray model came in. corporate sponsors are signed up. they paid the school for the work the girls do, thereby lowering the tuition. >> which thing is the -- >> reporter: making that transition was not easy and not cheap. the domestic dominican sisters of san jose had to come up with millions of dollars to make the switch. to did that, they took a big risk and put their money where their faith was. >> it did come from our retirement funds, it did. yes. >> we put $3.5 million of retirement beh
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3